WebMD’s prevention article contained the subsequent:

1. Lifestyle medication is an proof-based totally approach to treat, reverse, and save you continual disease through addressing the foundation causes, along with weight loss program, workout, sleep and social guide. Health professionals skilled in life-style remedy will write specific prescriptions for exercising and weight loss program, at the side of medicine.

2. WebMD! Here’s a bit of breaking information: a well-being way of life is not life-style medicinal drug. There is nothing scientific or medicinal approximately it. Skills and behaviors associated with motive, exuberance, workout and vitamins (athleticism) and private freedoms (liberty) want not be tied to, authorized by way of or below the supervision of clinical employees. Furthermore, we do not need prescriptions, precise or otherwise, from medical doctors or every person else for exercise and weight-reduction plan.

Prevention is good and existence enrichment is even higher. Doctors (and medical organizations) can and have to promote both, but the latter is unbiased of topics scientific.

By linking lifestyle with hospital treatment, WebMD shifts a few duty to caregivers, while in reality healthy lifestyles are sustained by way of a conviction that it’s miles as much as us purchasers to make daily picks that enable and preserve wellbeing. Medical medical doctors and all manner of experts can offer recommendation and care, however a healthy life-style ought to be a passion, a personal commitment and a worthwhile source of pleasure to the man or woman. Lifestyle is not any extra a medication than remedy is a life-style.

Of route, WebMD is not the primary group to bandy approximately the oxymoronic word lifestyle medicinal drug. Over the course of several a long time, I’ve seen it many times and, on a few events, convinced properly-meaning offenders to select a greater appropriate, non-dysfunctional description of health practitioner assist for wholesome workout, eating regimen and different choices.

Even Wikipedia acknowledges the word, noting that it’s miles a department of medication dealing with studies, prevention and remedy of issues due to life-style factors. That is something absolutely one of a kind, but, from the WebMD utilization of life-style medicine. Coaching and assisting human beings on better approaches to buy and prepare dinner wholesome food ought to be a part of clinical exercise; declaring that it’s miles the function of scientific practitioners is taking a great thing to some other degree that blessings neither physician nor patron.